Saturday, November 14, 2009

Qatar Marshes

Despite the fact that Qatar is a very sandy, beige peninsula, there are a handful of coastal marshes that are particularly verdent in the spring. I went to one south of Doha recently that consists mainaly of mangroves and arthrocnemum shrubs. Apparently in spring there are yellow desert hyacinth and sea lavender blossoms. According to a very brief article in the Peninsula on July 18 of this year, for bird lovers flocks of flamingos feed on crustacaens, and fish eagles, spoon bills, ibis, kestrrels, herons, sand grouse, bulbuls and hoopoes abound. But, as the article warns, you must be there early and be very patient.

A slide show of marsh images can be found here.

Just inland from the marsh was a large flock of camels who were calmly grazing and resting until a caravan of landcruisers swept through, throwing up dust and and causing the camels to run, following the route of the caravan. Perhaps they anticipated food at the end but more likely were simply disturbed by the activity. Images of this show can be found here.