Sunday, August 9, 2009

Not Kansas for sure

While there are fast food restaurants and plenty of western items for purchase, every once in while it is good to remember that we are, so to speak, not in Kansas any more. An article in today's Gulf Times available through the title link in its entirety offers just such a wake-up call. The article discusses four court cases and I select from two here, italics mine.

Four men, woman jailed and fined for bar brawl
A Doha court has sentenced four men and an Arab woman to a three-month imprisonment and imposed a fine of QR6,000 for their involvement in a scuffle in the bar of a hotel and for disturbing public order under the influence of liquor.
A policewoman said that “she did not smell liquor from the female suspect” but the court ruled that such a statement was not enough to say that the woman, identified as a Tunisian, was not drunk. 
A medical test found no liquor in the local’s blood, but the court said that it was not committed to that result, adopting the testimony of a policeman who said that all the five suspects were “behaving abnormally.”

Text messages land man in jail

A Doha court sentenced in absentia an Asian man, to a month imprisonment and QR3,000 for “sending four mobile text messages containing indecent words to an Arab woman.”
 The woman’s husband filed a police case in June last year saying that his wife received the filthy text messages, in Arabic, from unknown local number.
 Investigations led to the 44-year-old Indian accused as he was the owner of the number from which the messages were sent. He said that his boss used his phone before leaving the country for good, but the court dismissed his “baseless” claim saying that it was a way to escape from punishment.
 However, the court said that it was utilising its authority to change the accusation “in order to stop the suspect from escaping punishment.”
 The court charged him with “disturbing others, through telecommunication means, by using indecent words.”